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Suciu Popa partners with Danish tech company and developer Whistleblower Software to offer an integrated legal & tech whistleblowing solution to clients

24 May 2021

Suciu Popa is glad to announce that it has partnered with Whistleblower Software, a Danish software developer providing a GDPR compliant web-based interface - especially developed to cater for the Whistelblower Directive requirements - which can be easily customized to the actual needs and features of any particular organisation.

By entering into this exclusive partnership, Suciu Popa is able to provide clients and interested organisations with an integrated, fully customized compliance program which oversees the full implementation of the Whistelblower Directive, from designing policies and rules for reporting within the organization, setting-up investigation protocols, to customizing and providing a turn-key industry leading software solution, with full support from our technical partners.

The integrated service delivered by Suciu Popa in partnership with Whistleblower Software caters to all ethical, legal, public, internal and managerial responsibilities around whistleblowing, providing an integrated solution which ensures confidentiality, accountability and clear work & investigation procedures.

For more information and a personalized demo, please click on the following link: